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Below you will find a list of open bids and recently contracted work to be done in Southeast Arkansas


The City of Arkansas City is proposing to expend federal funds on a project located in a 100-Year-Floodplain area.

ACEDP Grant #790-09192-21

Wastewater Treatment Plant Lagoon Rehabilitation.

The City of Arkansas City is proposing to expend federal funds in an area that is subject to flooding as identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The subject funds are from the Arkansas Community and Economic Development Program, which is administered by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and funded under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended.


The City of Arkansas City, Arkansas is proposing to renovate the city’s three (3) lagoons at the wastewater treatment plant located 1-1/2 miles north by northwest of the city by reinforcing the lagoon levees and installing Riprap.

The purpose of this notice is to comply with Executive Order 11988 on Floodplain Management by giving early notice to interested agencies, groups, and persons. The City of Arkansas City is desirous of considering any feasible alternatives or adjustments to the anticipated project that might minimize any potential adverse effects upon the floodplain because as a result of the project.

The City of Arkansas City has additional information concerning this Project available for review and copying upon request at the Arkansas City, City Hall. Any comments to be considered in the decision process, relative to this proposed expenditure of Federal funds in an area identified as a flood hazard area, should be submitted in writing to Mayor Rick Hales, P.O. Box 369, Arkansas City, Arkansas 71630 on or
before December 6, 2022.

Public Notice for review

Public Notice of RFQ for Professional Services

Bradley County
New Beginnings CASA Building Renovations
ACEDP Grant #790-09230-18

Bradley County has been approved for grant funds from Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Arkansas Community and Economic Development Program (ACEDP) to make necessary renovations to the newly purchased New Beginnings CASA Facility in Warren, Arkansas. The County is interested in acquiring the services of an architectural firm or individual to provide services for the above-referenced project.

Procedures for selection of an individual/firm will be in accordance with AECDP procurement requirements. All RFQ responses will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the Bradley County Judge. All RFQ responses will be evaluated in terms of specialized experience and
technical competence; performance; capacity and capability of the firm/individual to perform work; and proximity to and familiarity with the project area. Negotiations will begin with the respondent obtaining the highest total score in the evaluation process. The terms of any contract
for professional services awarded in conjunction with this RFQ shall be subject to approval of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Interested parties are invited to secure an RFQ package from:
Tracey Lawson, Sr., Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District, Inc., P O Box 6806, Pine Bluff AR 71611, 870-536-1971,

All interested parties must submit four copies of their response to the RFQ package to:
County Judge Klay McKinney, Bradley County Courthouse, 101 East Cedar, Suite 107, Warren, AR 71671.

All responses must be received by 12:00 noon on Monday, December 12, 2022

Bradley County is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
Klay McKinney, County Judge

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