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Below you will find a list of open bids and recently contracted work to be done in Southeast Arkansas




The Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District, Inc., hereinafter called the
“District”, hereby invites bids for a contractor to mow grass, weed eat, edge, trim hedges and
trees, and otherwise maintain the vegetation growing on the District’s properties located at 315
E. 8 th Avenue, & 721 S. Walnut St. Pine Bluff, Arkansas, for a term of three (3) years, or until the 721 S. Walnut St location is no longer in District inventory.

The work shall consist of mowing the grass, weed eating, edging, trimming hedges and
trees, and such other responsibilities as set forth hereafter, located on the District’s property
located at, and around, 315 E. 8 th Avenue, & 721 S. Walnut St, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. In addition, appropriate herbicide and fertilizer application shall be made at regular intervals, as necessary to maintain aesthetic appeal.

The work shall be undertaken at the time designated by the District and shall be
completed in a timely manner, taking into consideration weather conditions and other normal
factors. The work shall be done Twice each month, beginning on or about October 2023. The
months of work will be negotiated by the parties with regard to periods of dormancy of

The successful bidder shall furnish all equipment, labor, tools, herbicides, fertilizers and
materials required for the performance of the work mentioned herein. The successful bidder
shall also carry necessary liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and such other
insurance as is required by the laws of the State of Arkansas and the United States in order to
fully protect the District from liability for any reason while said work is being done. The
successful bidder must also be properly licensed and bonded for the services to be provided.

All work shall be done in a manner acceptable to the District and in conformity with any
and all applicable federal, state, and local laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations,
including those of the District.

All bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Lawn Services Bid” in a per
month cost, for each property listed, for the work described herein, and must be submitted to the District, c/o Shane Knight, P.O. Box 6806, Pine Bluff, AR 71611, or hand delivered to the same at 721 S. Walnut St., Pine Bluff, AR 71601, prior to the bid opening which will be at
10:00 am cst, 9/28/2023.


Interested bidders may meet Mr. Knight, view the property, and request any clarification,
at 9:00 am cst, on 9/18/2023, at 315 E. 8 th Avenue, then to 721 S. Walnut St. Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601. Failure to view the property or request clarification will not relieve the
successful bidder from performing the work at the bid amount.


The District reserves the right to waive any informality, to reject any and all bids, or to
accept such bid as it deems in the best interest of the District.

By: Shane Knight, Deputy Director: Southeast Arkansas
Economic Development District

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